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Rittling Cabinet Convectors


  • Style: A popular solution for architects and designers, Rittling Cabinet Convectors can be integrated into any environment. A perfect solution for entrances and stairwells or other areas where heat losses are predominant. The sleek, decorative appearance and flexibility of the convector enable a solution to be created and not be the focal point of the area. Rittling Cabinet Convectors are available in a number of standard finishes as standard and custom colors are available upon request.
  • Flexibility: Rittling Convectors are offered in four (4) standard styles with varying heat outputs to provide a solution for any application. A variety of non standard lengths and heights are available as well as different sheet metal gauges to fit the needs of any application.
  • Durability: Standard sheet metal gauge for the front is 18-gauge and for the liner is 20-gauge. Other thicknesses are available to provide a product that “stands the test of time.” An electrostatic powder coat finish protects the finish against scratches.
  • Rittling Convectors have a wide variety of options to choose from:
  • Knob and allen key dampers are provided on most sizes and styles.
  • Several security fasteners (spanner and allen key) are available to prevent access to the internals of the convector.
  • A variety of inlets and outlets can be provided for each of the convector styles: perforation patterns, bar grille and louvered.
  • A number of liner and front panel gauge combinations are available upon request: liners range from 14 ga to 20 ga and front panels range from 14-gauge to 18-gauge.
  • End pockets can be provided on the left only, right only or both left and right sides of the convector.
  • Rittling Convectors are engineered for both hot water and steam heating systems. They are available in (4) basic styles to meet a wide range of heating applications in schools, office buildings, hospitals, hotels, apartments and institutional buildings. Rittling convectors are available in free standing, wall mounted and recessed models to provide a solution for any situation.
  • SL – Fully exposed slope top convector is designed for wall mounting applications. It features a louvered outlet grille in the slope top that stops debris from accumulating as well as preventing the convector from being used as a shelf or a step.
  • FL – Fully exposed floor mounted convector is attached to the wall. The flat top design features a front inlet and outlet louvers. An arched inlet is available.
  • SF – Fully exposed floor mounted convector has sloping outlet louvers and is designed for mounting to a sidewall. The inlet air is directed through the bottom front inlet louver. An arched inlet is available.
  • PL – Fully recessed wall mounted convector has a surface mounted inlet and outlet louvered front panel with the liner totally concealed.
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