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Rittling Finned Tube

Specialists in the design and manufacture of finned-tube heating equipment since 1946, Rittling offers an unmatched selection of finned tube and enclosures. This single-source responsibility gives you the flexibility and convenience to design a radiant heating system based on the requirements of the installation rather than the limitations of the supplier.

  • 15 steel-finned, steel tube
  • 27 aluminum-finned, copper tube
  • Heating elements available with six (6) different tubes, five (5) types of fins and in three (3) fin spacings.
  • Available in lengths from 1 to 12 feet in six-inch increments.
  • Feature permanently bonded fins for rapid, constant and maximum heat transfer from the quality tubing used.
  • Fully guaranteed to meet or exceed ratings published in this bulletin for bare tube and in individual Rittling product bulletins when installed as directed.



Zehnder Rittling’s reputation for leadership in commercial heating systems design and fabrication thrives on a demonstrated ability to modify or adapt components from our vast standard inventory and to break new ground with innovative applications.

Our ingenuity and expertise free architects from the constraints of hydronic heating conventions. We can, for instance, customize enclosures to any dimensions in stainless, textured embossed steel or aluminum, for installation anywhere: in ceilings … walls … or trenches. We’ll angle Finned Tube systems to match the slope of a floor. We’ll fabricate all copper heating elements or pipe enclosures without grilles. Challenge us and we’ll build it!

If you have a special application you would like us to evaluate, please call to arrange a consultation with a Zehnder Rittling expert.

  • 15 steel-finned, steel tube
  • 27 aluminum-finned, copper tube
  • 6 different tubes, 5 types of fins, 3 options for fin spacing
  • Lengths from 1–12 ft. in 6-in. increments

Zehnder Rittling has specialized in the design and manufacture of Finned Tube heating equipment since 1946, giving the market an unmatched selection for versatility of design configuration. All Finned Tube models use permanently bonded fins to optimize rapid, constant, high heat transfer.

Zehnder Rittling's wide range of Enclosures feature sheet metal enclosures surrounding commercial-grade Finned Tube. Dense cool room air around the perimeter drops to the floor level, where by natural convection, it is brought across the heat transfer device, warmed and then flows towards the ceiling. These units are used for overcoming perimeter heat losses.

  • Rittling Commercial Finned Tube can be installed bare or with any Rittling enclosure using our cradle-type expansion brackets.
  • The L-shaped enclosure brackets support both the enclosure and element. Second row brackets are used for bare tube applications as well as 2 row and 3 row installations.
  • Enclosures 20 inches high accommodate one or two rows of finned-tube; those 24 inches high accommodate one, two or three rows of finned tube.
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